FSU Freshman scores 30 points in final four-plus minutes vs Miami

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Montay Brandon Xavier Rathan-Mayes

Go Noles! Being a proud FSU alumni, watching Xavier Rathan-Mayes score 30 points in the final 4:39 of last night's loss to Miami almost made me forgive Andrew Wiggins (an ex-teammate of X) for not following in his Dad's footsteps and taking his talents to Tallahassee for a year. Besides sharing a bad ass nickname with Professor X and Xavier McDaniels, the freshman helped cut a 62-44 deficit to 4 points as he put on T-Mac (another guy who considered going to FSU) like night.

"Montay Brandon looked at me and told me that he needed me," Rathan-Mayes, who finished with a career-high 35 points and 5 assists said. "When one of your brothers says that he needs you, you're going to do anything you can to respond to that call."

Rathan-Mayes actually could have scored 31 but he intentionally missed a free-throw at the end in the hopes of recovering the ball and making a 3.  It didn't happen but I'm used to saying that about FSU's basketball team (Vince Carter is another!). But I'm glad the X-Man gave FSU fans something to brag about and Xavier to remember.

"In high school I scored 55 in a game, but that was throughout the course of the game," Rathan-Mayes said. "To score how I was doing it today, I've never done that before. The only thing I've seen like that was when I was watching the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson scored 37 in one quarter."