Full Game (3/25/03) Lakers vs Hawks feat. Shaq, Kobe, Big Dog, SAR & Mark Madsen

The Hawks were coming off wins against the Iveron’s 76ers and the very talented and deep Pacers.  The Lakers were coming off  a disappointing loss to the Spurs, despite 63 total points (the rest of the Lakers only scored 26) from the feuding combo of Shaq and Kobe Bryant.  So what did that mean before tip-off between the Lakers and Hawks?  It meant center Theo Ratliff and the Hawks were in a for a long night.

Shaq dominated Ratliff, who finished with 5 points, 5 rebounds and 4 fouls in 28 minutes, and made 11 of 19 shots for 31 points in 32 minutes.  Kobe chipped in with 28 points and a team high 10 rebounds in the 17 point win for the Lakers.

The Hawks were led by Glenn Robinson who scored 22 points and Jason Terry (16 assists).

The next night, the Lakers visited Housotn to take on Yao Ming and the Rockets.  Shaq and Kobe got the W and combined for 70 of the Lakers 96 points.


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