FULL “GAME” – Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points | Grinnell College v Faith Baptist

When LeBron heard about this game he said it’s on the top of his list of games he wishes he could see. Well, I’ve seen it and the full 1 hour and 40 minute “game” is above so you can watch it too and i’m sure, like me, you will be frustrated watching this “game” and won’t even be able to finish it.

I usually end these type of posts by saying “enjoy” but I can’t get myself to say it this time.  Just watch it they way you would watch a video of car crash or a bully picking on a scared animal or that Human Centipede sequel or even that Kevin Durant movie that came and left the theaters quicker than it would take KD  to score 400 points in a game like this.

Thx to Dunkademics for the link


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