The Good, The Bad and Ugly From The NBA Debuts Of Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz

Here’s the good: 2016 No. 1 pick Ben Simmons had an impressive double-double (18 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, 1 block) in his rookie debut on Wednesday and 2017 No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz scored 10 points on 5-of-9 shooting in just 18 points off the bench during his debut.

The bad is the 76ers turning the ball over twice in the final minute and losing a close battle with John Wall and the Wizards by just five points.

Now here’s the ugly: As good as Fultz looked going to the basket and on fadeaway jumpers (3:17 of the above video), the free throw shooting form looked as ugly as ever on his two misses.

He has a shoulder injury! I heard.

He’s young! I hear you.

It’s only the first game of the season! I know, I know.

I’m just hoping this doesn’t become too much of an issue and develops into a mental one like Shaq (who shot a career-best 60% from the free throw line during his rookie year and got worse as teams constantly threw different experts at him) or Nick Anderson (who was a decent shooter and career 70% free-throw shooter before dropping to 40% after his misses in the NBA Finals).