Full Highlights of Carmelo Anthony & Paul George’s Thunder Debut

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Paul George Carmelo Anthony

No hoodie. No Chris Brickley. No Black Ops sessions. No problem.

Carmelo Anthony didn’t waste anytime putting up points in his Thunder debut on Tuesday. The former Knick scored his team’s first 10 points in a loss to the new-look Rockets. He finished the game with 19 points on 7 for 13 shooting in 20 minutes. His new teammate Paul George scored 15 on 6 for 13 shooting in his Thunder debut; 8 of those 15 came during his five minutes of action in the second half.

The duo were both playing so well, they each passed up on shots they should have taken just to get the other a lower percentage shot.

“I think sometimes we were overthinking it a little bit, trying to be too unselfish,” said Anthony after his first game with George. “I know one time I had it on the wing and think I had a wide-open shot, and I gave it to Paul, and he shot it with like three seconds to go. And I know how that feels, so I felt bad about that. But those are the things that we’ll get better at and knowing each other’s game and knowing where guys are on the court and getting more comfortable.”

If they are overthinking it now, just wait until Westbrook plays.