Full highlights of Steve Nash’s 7 points & 9 assists return to the Lakers

If the shorthanded Lakers weren’t short handed enough for Steve Nash’s return last night, they lost Jodie Meeks (ankle) and Jordan Hill (headache) in the first quarter of the Lakers loss to the Timberwolves.

“I feel a bit selfish in that we lost but it felt great just to play in the NBA again,” Nash said, smiling. “It’s about as good as I felt this season. There’s some [pain] feelings for sure, but I don’t mind some pain, I don’t mind some discomfort as long as I can move well and recover. Obviously the game didn’t go as we hoped, but for me personally that’s pretty cool to be back out there.”

Considering Nash is turning 40 on Friday and hasn’t played since November 10th, his production (7 points + 9 assists) in 25 minutes was pretty great.  What wasn’t so “great” or “cool” for Lakers fans was watching Kevin Martin go off in the first quarter, Love put up 31 & 17 , Wolves with a 68-52 half-time lead and of course the Lakers losing their 7th game in a row.

Earlier in the day, a bunch of pics of Nash went Viral after he showed up to practice with a grey beard.




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