G-Smith & Andre 3000 | Did you know that Andre dunked the first alley-oop ever?


Just had a real humbling quick conversation with the legendary Andre 3000 ! Hope he’s able to catch our Atlanta game this summer ! His invitation is set!

Ballup streetball player and dunk phenom Gary “G” Smith posted this pic of his encounter with Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 aka 1/2 of Outkast before the Ballup game on Saturday. Nothing more can be said about Andre’s brilliance when it comes to music but what about his hoop skills?  He did play an ABA basketball player in the Will Ferrell comedy Semi-Pro which featured a cameo by Smith’s teammate The Professor and starred White Men Can’t Jump’s Woody Harrelson.  Was Andre good enough to hang with these guys?  Well, this answer given to MTV answers that question.

“To be honest, I’m probably the worst player out (there). I mean, I’m quick, I can dribble, I can move around. I just have never sat down and gotten my shot together. But I can go to the hole pretty good!”

More amusing is the fact that Andre isn’t even a basketball fan.

“To be honest, it sounds crazy, but I’m not a big basketball fan. I’m more of a football fan. So I don’t know anything about who is good right now. I’m from Atlanta but the Hawks are playing pretty good right now. They are pretty good. They need new uniforms, but they are all right” said Benjamin to CraveOnline.

OK. So I guess that sounds like he’s probably not going to be playing against G-Smith and the Ballup squad when they hit Atlanta later this summer (July 12th) but if you are in Atlanta, and fans of Outkast, then you don’t want to miss the Outkast Homecoming show at Centennial Olympic Park in ATL on September 27th.

Back to Andre on the court.  Here’s a few amusing clips of him and the film Semi-Pro including this scene showing “The History of the Alley-oop”

As for G-Smith’s game and ability to catch alley-oops….

G also has some pretty fly custom kicks that i’m sure Andre’s character in Semi-Pro would approve of.


semi-pro-pony-flint-tropics-1 Semi Pro movie image Andre Benjamin


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