Gabe York Shows Off His “Curry-Like Game” In Summer League Debut

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When people say “Steph Curry-like game” it means his game – the way he dribbles, shoots, the type of shot attempts, etc – is similar to Steph Curry’s game, not he’s as good as Curry. I had to say that because members of the Church of Curry seem to get offended when they hear people like me or even Phil Jackson say things like “Mahmoud-Abdul Rauf played like Steph Curry before Curry” because they think we are saying Rauf was as good as Curry (although Rauf was a better scorer and player than Curry at the college level).  Same goes for “he reminds me of Steph Curry,” and one player who sometimes reminds me of Steph Curry is ex-Wildcat and Ballislife All-American Gabe York.

On Sunday, in his NBA summer league debut, the undrafted York hit a 3-pointer on his first possession and went on to score 18 points on 7 of 13 shooting in 28 minutes for the Charlotte Hornets. And like many times during his time in Arizona – especially when he hit 9 3-pointers against Stanford – his game reminded me of Steph Curry.

But the big question for the 6’3 guard isn’t can he play like the MVP of the league, but can he even play the point guard position in this league?

“I didn’t run the 1 in college — if I stick, it’s going to be at that position. I’m not going to be able to play the 2,” Said York, who had 1 assist in his debut. “All the NBA scouts told me the same thing. Now it’s about making better decisions on pick-and-rolls, handling the ball a lot better, defending point guards. You talk about all those elite point guards, if I am blessed enough to make it, I’m going to have to defend them, game in and game out.

“I have to get my assists up. I have to be able to work both sides of the court. I’m just trying to find my niche, but I’m excited though.”