Gangnam Style – Golden State Warriors Edition

Honestly I don’t think this video is even worth clicking on but my take on remakes, parodies, homages, or what Michael Bay would call Re-imaginings are probably much different than yours and a lot of people seem to enjoy it so that’s why you see it on Ballislife next to videos worthy of watching and sharing.   It features Warriors hype man Franco Finn randomly recreating scenes from PSY’s Gangnam Style video but he doesn’t add a personal touch or play it much differently.  To me there’s no point in doing a recreation if you don’t make it your own – this isn’t Shakespeare.

It’s a lot like Gus Van Sant’s late 90s almost shot by shot remake of Psycho with a skinny Vince Vaughn before he realized he should be a comedic actor.  The only reason to see it is if you just really like the actors and wanted to see them do it and that’s what this Warriors video is.

Here’s the Oregon Marching Band doing a much better job at making it personal.


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