Gary Harris’ 360 vs the Lakers Brought Back Some Great Vince Carter Memories

“I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do. It was a crazy play,” Said Jamal Murray about Gary Harris’ impressive 360 layup against the Lakers…before jokingly yelling at Harris to tell him, “I was open by the way.” Harris replied, “My bad.”

Longtime Vince Carter fans probably had some déjà vu when they saw Harris’ crazy play of the night on Saturday. Even Vince Carter had it, when he tweeted to us, “I’ve seen the same type of play before some years back against the same team lol.”

12 years to be exact. Back in 2005 against a Kobe-less Lakers, Carter had a similar (and better) play, crossing Caron Butler and then pulling off a 360 layup between a trio of Lakers.


As impressive as Carter’s 360 was, Vinsanity fans were far from speechless at the time since they were spoiled and almost numb by nightly highlights of Carter pulling off 360 layups, shots and dunks in games.

The 40-year old Carter has executed so many 360s over his career, you can make a four-minute montage of them. Enjoy!