Gary Payton has some hard advice for the “overweight, fat” #1 pick Anthony Bennett

“I’m not trying to criticize you. I’m telling you the truth.”

The nickname The Truth would fit Gary Payton aka The Glove like a glove because he’s been known to get in a person’s face and tell them how it is.  This didn’t just apply to his playing days because he’s just as vocal now as he was in his Sonic days but now he has a mic and a camera.

A couple of weeks ago he stirred up some controversy by telling the media everything he doesn’t like about the current NBA game (which was basically everything) and this week he talked about his issues with current #1 pick Anthony Bennett who has been making a good case for worst #1 pick ever.  Payton still has Never Nervous Pervis and the Kandi Man ahead of AB but hopefully GP’s words get into the head of Bennett who is averaging just 2.4 points on 27% shooting so far this year.

Maybe the most sad stat of Bennett’s first few months in the NBA is that it took him 5 games until he made a field goal and then went 2 more games without hitting one.  Then in the next game he hit a career high 3 field goals but attempted 11 shots.  He’s had 13 scoreless games and his career high of 9 points came in a 3o point blowout that saw Matthew Dellavedova score 14 points.

Bennett has said he’s willing to play in the D-League to get his confidence back and Payton thinks it’s OK for him to do so but doesn’t think it’s OK that he came in so unready.


In the video, Payton also said “take it from me, I’m a hall of famer” but what Payton should have said was I was on my way out of the league until I got my act together and had a hall of fame career.

Gary Payton was selected by the Sonic with the 2nd pick and despite making the All-Rookie 2nd team (with the likes of Travis Mays, Felton Spencer & Willie Burton), he had his share of struggles and plenty of games where he totaled more turnovers than points during his first season.  It got so bad that he actually wanted to walk away from basketball after that year.

“I was like, ‘What am I out here for? This isn’t even what I want to do. I’m not happy.’ I didn’t want to do anything”

“They would have tried to trade me or I would have told them I don’t want to play there anymore. I went to my agent, I went to my father, I just said, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m good enough to play in this league. I’ve got a coach who wants to play me in the first and the third quarter. He has no confidence in me.”

Payton’s father told him he was crazy for thinking about quitting and that things would get better.  They did and I’m sure things will get better for Anthony Bennett too.  He might not become a hall of famer like GP but if Payton can go from wanting to retire after his rookie season to becoming a hall of famer then AB should be able to at least become a solid player and maybe an All-Star or All-NBA player.



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