Gary Payton, Charles Oakley & Other Former NBA Players Roast The Current NBA (And Themselves) On The Rapaport Podcast

Love him or hate him, actor/director/NBA celeb game MVP/supreme shit-talker Michael Rapaport with partner in crime Gerald Moody, always makes the I Am Rapaport Podcast an interesting and hilarious listen. And this past weekend in Dallas, I had the pleasure of attending a live episode featuring an epic line-up of guests, including Knicks legend Charles Oakley, NBA champions Gary Payton, Rashard Lewis, and Deshawn Stevenson, the White Mamba, Mike Bibby, Roger Mason, and rap icon Ice Cube. As expected, the show was full of hilarious (depending on how sensitive you are) and controversial comments -- such as Charles Oakley saying "some (current NBA) players should wear dresses when they play."

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the episode that will surely piss off a few players responsible for the "skinny jeanfication" of the current NBA.

  • 11 minute: Mike Bibby on the Kings being better than the 3-Peat Lakers
  • 23 minute: Roger Mason on Michael Jordan being the best trash talker in the NBA

  • 26 minute: Brian Scalabrine on guarding Rasheed Wallace
  • 27 minute: Rashard Lewis on being cursed out by Gary Payton as a rookie
  • 32 minute: the arm wrestling story about Big Baby Davis and Kevin Garnett
  • 46 minute: Gary Payton on guarding MJ, Kobe and LeBron
  • 49 minute: Gary Payton on guarding John Stockton
  • 58 minute: Deshawn Stevenson and Charles Oakley on Dirk and the Mavs
  • 63 minute: Gary Payton and Oakley on the difference between the NBA then and now

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