Gary Payton explains why he dislikes "basically everything" about the current NBA & who are the 3 point guards he's impressed with

Oregon State great and NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton met with the media before "Gary Payton Night" at the OSU/CAL game and shared his thoughts on his son, parenting, coaching and why he has no interest in coaching at the NBA level.  When asked what he doesn't like about the current NBA game, the Glove responded by saying "Basically everything."

He mentioned the lack of defense and run and gun style of offense in a soft league as other factors.  He pointed out that he's from the era of Bird, Magic, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman when players went to the basket they got knocked on their butts and how today's game prevents players from being able to properly challenge players one-on-one on D.

The premier point guard also said he's only impressed with three current point guards in the NBA - Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Tony Parker (who he struggled to remember).

The topic then moved on to the amount of young 19 year olds entering the league that aren't ready to play and how they, and the NCAA, would benefit from these kids spending a few years in college.


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