Why Michael Jordan didn’t deserve the 88 Dunk Contest Championship | Gatorade releases new “Win from Within” bottles

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Decades later, the “I wanna be like Mike” song is still being sung by hoopers while drinking Gatorade and although the drink is no longer in heavy glass bottles (that can chip your tooth if somebody punches you while you are drinking one – don’t ask how I know) the images of Michael Jordan are still present.  The latest comes with the the new “Win From Within” bottles featuring MJ, Usain Bolt, Mia Hamm, Dwight Clark and Franco Harris.  They all feature career moments but I was surprised to see them use MJ’s free throw line dunk from the 88 dunk contest unless it was just for visual purposes or because it was the Gatorade Dunk Contest back then.

Many people, including Charles Barkley, will tell you that MJ’s 88 win over Nique was a “home job” and that MJ’s free throw line dunk was great but among all the great moments in his career, it wouldn’t be the image to be placed on a “Win from Within” campaign.

What many people don’t know about the free throw dunk from 88 is that MJ actually attempted the dunk 3 times in the the contest.  The first time he did it, he only scored a 47.  Then on the final dunk in the contest, when he needed a 49 to beat Nique’s 45 (lowest of the night), he missed his first attempt (which you will never see on any recaps) and was rewarded with a 50 on his 2nd attempt.

It may sound like i’m being harsh and not respecting the iconic dunk, the images shot by the legendary Walter Iooss that made the cover of Sports Illustrated’s MJ turns 50 or the impact that win had on MJ and the city of Chicago – believe it or not downtown Chicago looked like a championship parade and MJ and that dunk was the reason for the celebrations.  I just think of many more images of MJ when I think “Win From Within.”

Also consider that Gatorade released a “Win from Within” commercial last year that focused on his “flu game.”   Now that’a a perfect image for the campaign although we all know he didn’t have the flu but that’s another story.

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I guess if I have such an issue with the bottle I can just go to http://www.gatorade.com and make my own digital Gatorade bottle.


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