Rudy Gay says NoNo to NeNe’s dunk attempt

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Dwane Casey NenĂª Rudy Gay

This block of the night on Nene’s dunk attempt was one of four blocks Rudy Gay had in the Raptors victory over the Wizards.  What makes Gay’s defense and 17 points even more impressive was the fact that he had the flu! How many players would have played in a “game of this magnitude” with the flu?

“The young man had the flu, everybody’s booing him and again, if you don’t know, you gotta ask somebody. He had the flu and a temperature and he gutted it out… I was trying to get him in, get him out, get him a quick rest, get him out. He struggled a little bit early, but when it was down the stretch, he came through for us.”
— Raptors coach Dwane Casey

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