George Hill Breaks Brandon Knights’ Ankles. Will 2017 Be A Better Year For Knight?

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There’s a few NBA players I was really hoping they would have a great game to end 2016. One of them was the Suns’ Brandon Knight, the very talented guard mostly known for ending up on the wrong end of highlights and currently coming off the bench for the 10-24 Phoenix Suns. He’s been a favorite subject in trade rumors over the past week and considering he’s only played a total of 16 minutes in the past two games, it seems like he will probably be spending most of 2017 with another team. But, he did spend his last day of 2016 with the Suns and had a performance that rivaled Mariah Carey’s NYE one: 0 points on 0 for 5 shooting, 1 foul and 1 broken ankle in 8 minutes.

The NBA youtube channel felt so bad for him they didn’t even include his name in the title of the video: George Hill Nasty Crossover vs Suns.

So let’s start off 2017 by celebrating the best of Brandon Knight and hopefully we will see a lot more of this from him, with his new team, than what we saw of him on Saturday.