Gerald Green does an under BOTH legs dunk after practice

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Unbelievably SICK dunk by Gerald Green. @g.green14

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If you are in the minority who does not believe Gerald Green is the best dunker in the league then maybe this video of him doing an under both legs (yes both as instead of going between the legs, he went under both of them) dunk will convince you.

I swear, if I could purchase a season ticket to just watch Green in practice, I would!  


Also, here’s @g.green14 jumping completely over @mookstar2 and dunking. (!!!)

A video posted by Ben York (@ben.york) on


Lil fun after practice. S/O to @cdarne11 for the video.


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And yes I’m still crying that I saw him miss a windmill dunk on a 7-footer at a TJ Ford celeb game a few years ago. I’m ranking that dunk in my top 10 all-time and he didn’t even make it!