Gerald Green’s 41pts vs Thunder – NBA Jam Style

For years, since introducing Shaq to Twitter in 2008, the Phoenix Suns have been leaders in developing digital content and pushing social media in sports. Their latest creation, a NBA Jam treatment of Gerald Green’s 41 point performance vs OKC, again shows the difference between them and the digital teams on other NBA teams (I have to call out the Hawks eventhough I enjoyed the Hawks’ cheerleaders dancing on the beach).

The video is fun and brilliant but a little too generous on Green’s power ranking especially when you compare him to one of the best players from the original arcade classic – Scottie Pippen (his power ranking actually dropped against some teams since NBA Jam was rigged against the Bulls).


I do have to give a shout out to SB Nation who gave Blake Griffin a similar NBA Jam treatment back in 2012.



If you want to see a high flyer out of Phoenix really dunk a ball on fire then check out Kenny Dobbs aka The Dunk Inventor play with fire in this crazy dunk session.


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