Gerald Green head at the rim dunk during Suns practice

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Gerald Green TJ Ford

We do a lot of empty gym dunk sessions with the world’s best dunkers but I really wish we could get a session with Gerald Green.  He has to be the only player in NBA history that makes more exciting practice videos than games footage vids.  These practice vids have shown Gerald doing everything from kissing the rim to looking down at the rim to putting his shoulders by the rim.  They are  so unbelievable that when he does head at the rim self oop dunks like this one that the Phoenix Suns posted yesterday we are actually disappointed.

What really still disappoints me (no not that net cutting exhibition last year) is when Green, playing in a TJ Ford tournament in Houston last year, missed a windmill dunk on a 7 footer.  If he would have made that we would probably post it every week but he didn’t so hopefully the Suns keep putting up practice footage and give Green some PT this season so we can finally have some game footage to go with his Nets footage.



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