Gerald Henderson Tells DeAndre Jordan “Watch This” Then Misses Free Throw, Blames Elbow

The best trash-talking moment ever at the free throw line probably goes to Michael Jordan in 1991. While shooting a free throw after scoring 36 points against the Nuggets, he called out rookie sensation Dikembe Mutombo, then calmly made a free throw with his eyes closed for his 37th point. That’s confidence. A former Clipper I know also told me an amusing story about how he was talking to a teammate while Jordan was shooting a free throw and MJ looked at him, yelled “shut up rookie” then calmly made a free throw. That’s confidence and a way to ruin your opponent’s confidence.

On Thursday night against the Clippers, after missing a free throw, a cocky Gerald Henderson called out awful free throw shooter DeAndre Jordan, said “watch this”…..then missed the free throw! That’s what you call a FAIL and a guarantee appearance on the next episode of Shaqtin’ A Fool. And you can bet they are going to crack up about Henderson rubbing his elbow after the misses too.

If that wasn’t tough enough for Portland fans to witness, they also watched the Blazers lose on J.J. Redicks’ first career buzzer-beater.

As for DeAndre Jordan, he missed 10 of his 16 free throw attempts but his free throw % for the season (.439) is his best since he shot .525 in 2011/12 and the 3rd highest of his career, while attempting a career-high in attempts.