"Get the f**k outta here!" Damian Lillard beats LaMarcus Aldridge in over-the-backboard trick shot contest

What can't Damian Lillard do?  He can rap, he can dance, he can break Houston Rockets' fans hearts and at last season's All-Star weekend he did every single event.

At the end of the Blazers' practice on Sunday, LaMarcus Aldridge and assistant coach (who is known for making trick shots) spent about 10 minutes trying to make an over the backboard shot by passing the ball through a small triangle on the basket support. Lillard joined the competition and hit the shot after 5 attempts.

Aldridge didn't seem too happy about Lillard's shot as threw a ball and yelled "get the fuck outta here!"

Call it redemption for losing to Meyers Leonard on this crazy shot earlier in the month.



Source: Oregon Live