7'7 Gheorghe "Gidza" Muresan Had Real Skills

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Gheorghe Mureșan Shaquille O'Neal

Gheorghe Muresan had skills. People might look back and see his funny ESPN commercials, his cameo in Eminem's "My Name Is" music video or his film 'My Giant' and just assume he was this giant -- 7'7 giant to be exact -- fan favorite, but the 1996 Most Improved Player winner had some serious skills. Unfortunately he had some serious injuries too.

During his most improved season, he averaged 14 and 10 with season-highs of 30 points and 21 rebounds. He also had this impressive 27 & 11 double-double against the 72-10 Bulls.

But what really made him so special was the personality that came across in interviews and those entertainment cameos. Here's a few of my favorite clips of the only center in the 90s I didn't want Shaq to dunk on (more than once a game).

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