Gilbert Arenas is the worst house guest & babysitter in the world

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If you thought Gilbert Arenas was crazy on Instagram (see Gilbert on the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher fight, Gilbert on the WNBA, Gilbert on the Derrick Rose trade) then wait until you see him on his new snapchat account: mrgilarenas. The former quick-draw-All-Star, who used to take and make Steph Curry shots long before Curry was in the league and make 2016 free agent money when Mike Conley was getting paid $3 (not 30) million a year, posted a series of hilarious/borderline disturbing videos of him terrorizing Nick Young and his son at Swaggy”s residence.

Here’s everything that goes down in the compilation video from Barstool Sports

  • Gilbert jumps Nick’s gate
  • Asks Nick “why he cheats on Iggy” and “where the bitches at”
  • Knocks Nick’s kids’ toy off a couch
  • Says he’s “the new OJ” and is willing to take care of his babymama
  • Jokes that Nick has a basketball court in his backyard and still can’t get any playing time
  • Laughs at Nick’s kid crying after he got hit by a ball
  • Throws Nick’s kid’s scooter and makes him cry again
  • Paints over Iggy’s name on the house walls

If you were doing a remake of the horrible Sinbad film The House Guest, an Oscar-winning screenwriter probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with better material for a full-length film.

Anyways, as fun as Gilbert is on social media, the entertainment value doesn’t match this type of fun…