Gilbert Arenas History of practical jokes on teammates | Nick Young responds

Last night, Gilbert Arenas posted an old T-Shirt he made showing a rookie Nick Young getting knocked out by John McCain with the words “I Beat Buns” underneath.  Nick reposted the photo and wrote, “This is what I had to go threw as a rookie @gilbertarenas0 made shirts like this about me and they was sellin out hahahaha”

The initial thing that stood out to me is that Nick Young’s post in 4 hours has 1,896 likes while Arenas initial post only has 343. That has a lot to do with Swaggy P having 144K followers compared to the 21K that the once popular practical prankster on the Wizard with endorsements galore has.

Besides giving the NBA’s most elite players headaches by dropping 50+ on any given night, Arenas was giving teammates headaches and laughs to teammates with his constant over-the-top practical jokes that were crazier than the shirts he made for Nick Young and obviously not as extreme as his lockeroom showdown with real life gang member and teamate Javaris Crittenton.

The following is a list of practical jokes from the player who called himself “Hibachi” and was trying to develop a cartoon called “Gazo the Pranksta”

  • “Taking a crap” in Andray Blatche’s shoe
  • Filling Andray Blatche’s bathtub with coffee during a road trip
  • Bringing doughnuts to practice by buying plain ones and sprinkling baby powder on them
  • Stealing teammates’ keys and hiding them in a bottle of water.
  • Dumped coffee on teammates’ mattresses
  • Spraying teammates on the toilet with a water hose
  • Cutting up his teammates’ suits so they would have to go home in their uniforms (this supposedly was the catalyst for “poop-gate”)
  • Throwing away shower towels so his teammates couldn’t dry off
  • Starting a snowball fight on a team bus
  • Ripping up cards for no reason

Then there was Gungate and Boy Wonder’s NBA career went downhill after that, which was a real shame because Gilbert still had a lot of elite years left in him and according to players that played with him this summer in China, he still has the skills to play in the NBA and finally the maturity to stay there.

Source: The Washington Post
PC: Cassy Athena

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