Gilbert Arenas Puts Up $100,000 For Shootout With Nick Young, Hits 95 Out Of 100 Shots

Remember when Gilbert Arenas, shooting with just one hand, knocked down 73 out of 100 threes in a $20,000 shooting contest with Deshawn "LeBron, How Does My Dirk Taste" Stevenson? This happened back in 2007, around the time he was dropping 50-60 points on your favorite player (54 vs Steve Nash, 60 vs Kobe) and earning the money from the "worst NBA contract ever."

It's 2018 and Arenas is still talking shit and showing that his "motherfucking arm doesn't lose bets."

In this new video from his 'No Chill Productions' YouTube channel, Arenas shows up to a gym with a $100,000 in cash to challenge his friend and former Wizards teammate Nick Young to a friendly shootout. The NBA Champ was a no-show so Arenas decided to shoot his 100 shots anyways. HE MADE 95 OUT OF 100!

"I almost beat my old record of 96. I've been sitting on the couch watching Netflix for the last motherfucking four years. And I come out and make 95 out of 100. Let me go back on the couch. They just put Black Panther on Netflix."






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