Gilbert Arenas agrees that he might have the worst NBA contract ever…but he feels he earned it

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Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas ticked off a lot of people last week when he posted a picture of a roll of $100 bills being used as toilet paper. He obviously doesn’t wipe his ass with money because they aren’t flushable but if he did decide to start doing this and somehow went through every penny of his, he would still have $38 million dollars coming his way until 2016 because of his 6 year $120 million contract that Yahoo called the “NBA’s worst contract of the 21st century.

TMZ caught up with the ex Wizard and told him about his ranking on the Yahoo list and of course Arenas had a great response.

“I’M NUMBER ONE? OF AAAAAAALLLL TIIIIME? Well, it could be … I’m not arguing that it’s not.”

Well, he’s not #1 everywhere.  Complex thinks his contract is only worthy of the #3 spot. That contract is actually less than what the Wizards were willing to offer him but Arenas supposedly “gave them back $16 million” to help the Wizards resign other players.  It’s not like that $16 million would have changed his rankings but he makes a great point about why he received that contract

“You get paid on what you did, not what you’re gonna do. What I did to get that contract was different from what I’ve done since I got that contract.”

So very true.  Gilbert was a 3 time All-NBA player and top 4 NBA scorer that was on pace to equal or better those numbers for years to come but…..where do we start.  Let’s not even.  I’ll just say I rather see a guy like Gilbert show off his money then hear about a guy that made millions and has nothing to show for it a couple of years out of the league.



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