Gilbert Arenas’ shoe collection…that didn’t make the cut to be in his main shoe collection

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Shoes that’s waiting to make my closet cut be like#floorflow #arewethereyet

The always entertaining Gilbert Arenas aka Mr Agent Zero on Instagram, has such a big shoe collection that he has a shoe collection “waiting to make the cut” to get into the club/closet.  I’m assuming there’s also a VIP section to this closet that contains even nicer looking kicks that would really make the sneakerheads on the outside jealous.

From the video he posted, I can’t tell how many sneakers are waiting to get in but I think Arenas should do another sneaker giveaway by having people guess how many sneakers are on the floor and the winner gets them all – just like that gumballs in a jar game.



Arenas was also a guest coach, along with James Harden, at this past Saturday’s Ballup game in LA.  The Ballup event had an amazing setup outside Staples Center with a huge crowd gathered around the court. The scene kind of resembled Arenas’s shoe collection waiting to become a part of the main shoe collection.

If you need more examples of how massive and impressive Arenas’s sneaker collection is, then check out these 15 pages of pictures of Arenas playing with the Ballup crew and Shanghai Sharks in China with a different pair of sneakers in every game.


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