Gilbert Arenas Wants a 10-Day Contract With The Lakers So He Can See Kobe’s Final Game

Just tried to get courtside seats to #Kobes Last home game #smdh #SOLDOUT…..But yall know I keeps a backup plan… I look at the end of the lakers bench AND realize what #hibbert #metta @swaggyp1 been doing all season #WatchingKobesLastSeason in those NICE #CourtsideSeats….Buss you gotta let me be down..give ya boy a #10day from (april 3rd-13th) ill pay for the seat…I dont want the seat #metta sits in…that shit so far in the corner,I thought that nigga was security last time he wore all blk #NOTHX…..dont sit me next to #nick or #hibbert they #downsyndrome looks like its catchable,NOT paying top dolla to catch what them two #nighas look like they got #NOTHX hahahaha Just as long as im on the left side of that bighead nigha #sacre NO offence bra I wanna see the #Mamba not a life size #bottlehead version of #Mrclean AND far away from #byronscott as possible…the way he coaches,hes liable put anyone in whos sitting next to him (jack nickelson #batman go get #russell and u guard #cousin’s #playhard) hahahaha ..can somebody let me know who I can contact for My request demands hahahahaha

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Love him or hate him, I think very few people (not just athletes) are as entertaining on social media as former NBA player and owner of the “worst contract in sports history” Gilbert Arenas.

On Wednesday, Arenas posted a hilarious message on Instagram about wanting to see Kobe Bryant’s final home game. Since tickets to the game are sold out (It will cost you at least $1,500 for any lower bowl ticket on Ebay), Arenas shared his back-up plan for getting court side seats: get signed by the Lakers to a 10-day contract!

He came up with the plan when he realized the only reason Roy Hibbert, Metta World Peace and (his friend) Nick Young are on the Lakers this season is to watch Bryant’s farewell season. He also joked that he didn’t want to sit next to Hibbert or Nick Young because their “down syndrome” looks might be “catchable” and doesn’t want Metta’s seat because it’s so far in the corner that he thought Metta was security.

If the Lakers don’t sign him for the last week of the season then I’m assuming we will be seeing Gilbert make a pitch to the Utah Jazz next.



The two scoring machines have had a lot of great battles against each other and in 2012 – when most teams weren’t willing to touch a free agent Arenas – they almost became teammates. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack met with Arenas during a private workout and Kobe Bryant was all on board to bringing Hibachi in.

“Sure,” responded Bryant when asked about the Lakers adding Arenas to the roster. “It certainly wouldn’t hurt, that’s for sure.”

It never did happen but over the past 4 years, Gilbert has shared his fondness for Kobe quite a few times on social media. The most known time is when he posted a lengthy instagram post explaining why LeBron will never be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

As cool as it is to hear Gilbert show how much he respects Kobe’s game, it was a lot cooler watching him try to disrespect Kobe on the court.