Gilbert Arenas' "Worst NBA Contract Ever" Is Up And He Reportedly "Can't Afford Private School?!?"

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According to TMZ, Gilbert Arenas' $111 million contract is up and he can't afford private school.

Sorry, I'm not buying this story and believing he can't put his kids through private school ($91,600 per year) because his last NBA check is coming this month. Gilbert "No Chill Gil" Arenas is well known for trolling people and pushing buttons with jokes and pranks online and off. Until I actually see the bankruptcy filings and a list of his assets, I'm not even going to consider him heading towards NBA broke, which means broke by NBA standards but still rich by average working household standards.

If you were wondering why is he still getting paid when he signed a 6-year deal $111 million deal back in 2008, it's because the contract was expanded so teams could pay him less money over more years. So instead of 2014 being his last payment, his last monthly check, which will be more than what most people make in a year, will come at the end of this month.

Speaking of pranks, here's a few of my favorite Arenas prank stories from his playing days.

  • “Taking a crap” in Andray Blatche’s shoe
  • Filling Andray Blatche’s bathtub with coffee during a road trip
  • Bringing doughnuts to practice by buying plain ones and sprinkling baby powder on them. He also used to lick the frosted ones and put them back in the box
  • Stealing teammates’ keys and hiding them in a bottle of water.
  • Dumped coffee on teammates’ mattresses
  • Spraying teammates on the toilet with a water hose
  • Cutting up his teammates’ suits so they would have to go home in their uniforms (this supposedly was the catalyst for “poop-gate”)
  • Throwing away shower towels so his teammates couldn’t dry off

And if you follow him on Snapchat and Instagram, here's one of the funniest things he's done during his post-playing but still getting paid days.