Givit Video editing app lets you create your own Ballislife style mix on your phone

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How many times have we posted an “amateur” video of some kid getting crossed over that had you so excited until 10 seconds into the 1 minute video when you start to wonder when, if ever, the the actual 2 second highlight is going to happen?  How many times have you watched a quick video of  somebody getting dunked on that ends too early and before you can click on the bottom to watch the dunk happen again, YouTube has already taken you to a new menu screen?   How many times have you recorded your friend’s fail on the basketball court and wish you could immediately type some funny comment on it and then share it with all of your Facebook  and Twitter friends?

Our friends at Givit has a solution that is going to be loved by the guy doing the crossing and hated by the guy with the broken ankles – especially when he sees the replay in slow motion.  Givit is a video editing app for the Iphone and Ipad.  Not another video viewer or camera but an actual easy to use editing suite that will allow you to edit your existing videos with captured video on your phone or tablet.



You can literally record somebody get dunked on, add a title screen, put the name of the player(s) on the video, show the clip and trimming off the excess footage before and after it, then show the dunk again in slow motion, add a music track from  your phone, then add a captured photo of the victim after he got dunked on and then share with all your online friends within 2 minutes.   

The reason why we know this is because the Givit team came by to witness the best high school dunk contest ever this past weekend at the Ballislife High School All-American game and I had the opportunity to see first hand how quickly the team was recording and putting out complete mixes within minutes after a live dunk.

You can watch a 2 minute mix of the contest made by Givit here.

I go through apps like flavored drinks. I find them, try them and never return to them a week later because i’m onto the next.  This groundbreaking app is making a case for permanent shelfspace  because as of right now there’s nothing like it on the market and it’s a service that is in-demand.  Think about how many videos you have on your iphone that you wish you could just trim, combine and save?  Givit is the answer so i’m going to give it a 4 out of 4 star review.

For the hundreds of people that continue to ask how they can get their own Ballislife Mixtape, here’s your chance.  Download the opening of a BIL mix, get a  hot beat and lay it on your basketball footage and now you can show off your “bootleg Ballislife mix.”

Thanks again Givit for being a part of our Ballislife All-American game.


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