Glen "Big Baby" Davis Attacks Computer at a Motel, Police Called

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Glen Davis

NBA Orlando Magic forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis may have found himself in a bit of trouble this morning after he threw a temper tantrum in a Travelodge lobby in Orlando, FL. A full grown adult acting like a child really doesn't help with his nickname.

From TMZ:

It all went down early Saturday morning at the Travelodge in Orlando, FL — when the 27-year-old tried to book a room with the front desk and was told the place was sold out.
Glen — clearly frustrated — reached over the front desk and grabs a keyboard, which he proceeds to rip from the front desk computer and throw across the lobby. Davis then storms out of the motel in anger.
The Travelodge employee immediately called police … and moments later, two cops arrive on scene.

This isn't the first time Big Baby Davis has acted out in public.


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