Glen “Big Baby” Davis carves THEN EATS a turkey leg after the Magic game

Players in this post:
Nikola Vučević Glen Davis

“I think it’s called stuffing”

Glen Davis and Nik Vucevic were chosen to carry an Orlando Magic tradition last night by celebrating their victory over the 76ers with a live broadcast turkey carving.  Big Baby broke tradition a little by neglecting the knife in his hand and using his other hand to tear the the turkey leg off before taking a big bite out of it and then offering a bite to Vucevic.  I guess Glen learned from last year when he struggled to cut the leg off while talking about his fondness for “dark legs.”

The best part of this year’s video is when David Steele asks each of them what their favorite side item is and Glen yells “Macaroni” and Nic responded with “I think it’s called the stuffing, I love that, and the cranberry sauce that goes with it.”




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