Glen Davis selling Chicken for Charity | NBA players at Cane’s Chicken

Players in this post:
Dwight Howard Glen Davis James Harden


The owner of Raising Cane’s Chicken must really like basketball.

Back in 2012, they got James Harden to work at an Edmond grand opening.  In 2013, Cane’s chicken put up a “Bring Dwight to Big D” Billboard and offered Dwight Howard chicken for life if he signed with the Mavs.  Last week, Big Baby Davis worked the drive-thru at a Raising Cane’s in Baton Rouge.

The good news is the funds from the fun day at Cane’s as well as his “Bowling with Baby” bowling tournament went to his stay-in-school foundation.

Source: TMZ



For those that call “big boned” Big Baby fat. I’m sure 99.9% of you couldn’t handle one of his workouts with trainer (and my friend) James Cooper from Houston. 


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