Good Timing: Riley Curry Kisses Dell Curry After Steph Curry Hits a Clutch Shot in OT

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Steph Curry Dell Curry

In the latest episode of the scripted reality show ‘The Curry family,’ Steph Curry – having one of his worst shooting performances ever – hits 2 clutch free throws to give the Warriors a 1 point lead in OT, as his pretty mother. glowing pregnant wife cheer and his adorable scene-stealing daughter lands a big kiss on grandpa Dell Curry. Aaahhhhh!

I’m obviously kidding about this being scripted, but the timing of Riley Curry and the ABC cameras seem so perfect it feels like the live moment was created in post-production or little Riley has an ear piece and was told by the producers to give Dell a kiss at a specific perfect moment.

That moment didn’t last very long as LeBron and the Cavs came away with a GM2 win but episode 3 airs on Tuesday and the announcement of ‘The Curry Family’ reality show will be made….after Curry wins Finals MVP(?) – or maybe it will be replaced by a special on the King and his Son both winning a basketball championship in the same month.