Got Heem! Welven Da Great & A-Town Play in 2nd Annual Don Benjamin Celeb Game

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This past week model/musician Don Benjamin hosted his 2nd annual Hollywood Hoops Celebrity Game at Leuzinger High School. The entertaining game featured celebs like Anthony Lewis & Starr, the lovely Brittney Elena, streetball legend The Bone Collector, Globetrotter Chris Staples and internet sensations A-Town and Welven Da Great.

“It is a celebration. All the kids want to celebrate for their hard work throughout the school year. I think I picked the right person-Don Benjamin-to celebrate that. It is just a big celebration the same way graduation is. So, we gave a celebrity game to the school to celebrate that,” said Hollywood Hoops founder Jude Thomas.



Check out photos from the event by Cassy Athena. You can view more pics at

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