GQ Magazine’s Most Stylish NBA Players: Westbrook, Wade & Tyson Chandler

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We have made a few calls to Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police on Tyson Chandler’s pilgrim look and Westbrook’s shirts in the past but have pretty much given a pass to Wade’s style even if LeBron likes to pick on his pants.

GQ Magazine just released their 25 Most Stylish Men list and they feel a little differently about Tyson and Westbrook as they selected them, along with Wade, in their list.   Here’s what they had to say about each and let’s just say Stephen Jackson’s opinion might be a little different.

24. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook may get flack for his more adventurous postgame looks, but the Thunder player isn’t just about loud prints. The man knows how clothes should fit, and we have to applaud any guy not afraid of working pattern into his wardrobe—even if he did not, as he claims, “invent wearing glasses.”

12. Dwyane Wade
In a league where every big-name player believes himself a fashion plate, Wade is the rare exception: a man with great personal style who doesn’t beg for attention. The Miami superstar has a way of putting together sartorial getups with effortless flair (like the Heat!) and a lot of depth (uh, kind of like the Heat?).

8. Tyson Chandler
While other athletes can’t sprint fast enough to the big-brand luxury houses, Chandler is happy to rock a steady diet of downtown favorites, from Rick Owens to Alexander Wang—and most importantly, pull it off. He knows his away around the more formal stuff, too, but when the Knicks big man is in his edgy element, he’s in a league of his own.

NOW let’s look at a few pics of the 3 stylish gentlemen that might make you want to drop them a notch or two but overall I have no issue with the 3 being on the list especially after seeing some of the other 22 that made it.





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