Greek Freak’s Lil’ Brother Almost Breaks Leg on Goal Base Going For A Chasedown Block

Kosta, the little brother of Giannis and Thanansis Antetokounmpo, wasn’t hurt on this play – just a little embarrassed from getting dunked on by Jayson Tatum – but his block attempt and landing made every person who remembers watching Paul George break his leg get a little squeamish and breath a sigh of relief that the same thing didn’t happen here at last month’s Nike EYB game in Lexington.

Hopefully every basketball event will start to take this injury risk more seriously and move it back to a safer distance. Four feet is the NBA minimum standard for basketball stanchions and I have no idea how far back this one was (nowhere near 4 feet unless those Antetokounmpo boys are longer than I thought) or the ones at most basketball events but they could always be further back.

Below are pics showing how close the stanchion was when George broke his leg, the 2014 NBA finals and the Nike event.