Greg Monroe Pushed His Own Teammate Out Of The Way So He Could Violate Jonas Valanciunas

Greg Monroe was so salty about falling down after getting blocked by Jonas Valanciunas, he seemed mad at his teammate, Khris Middleton, for committing a hard foul on Jonas before he could. After the foul, Monroe pushed Middleton out of his way so he could….touch Jonas’ breast? I know 2017 NBA fights don’t require punches or even five-finger slaps but this type of contact is just inappropriate.

The Lithuanian Lighting didn’t appreciate the feel, gave Monroe a shocked look, pushed him and then was hit with a punch — just kidding, he was hit with an undeserving tech by the ref. The tech on Monroe was warranted but I don’t see why Jonas deserved one. Oh well, the crowd loved it as Jonas walked to the bench, flexing with a 15-point lead.

When asked about Middleton and Monroe after the game, a confused bow-tie wearing Jonas said, “They were pushing each other, I don’t know.”

Jonas finished the game with 8 points and 7 boards in 21 minutes while Monroe had 11 points and just 2 boards(!) in 22 minutes of the 26-point loss for the Bucks.