LOL: Miami Heat have the first father son duo in NBA history | Oden mistaken for LeBron

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It’s been 1,337 days since Greg Oden played in a NBA game but that didn’t stop a lot of the top teams in the league and the Pelicans to try to sign him, but family comes first, so Greg decided to take his injuries to south beach so the Heat could have the first father/son duo in NBA history!!!!

Greg signed a 2 year deal with the Heat and considering he’s been in the league for 6 years and only played a season (82 games) full of games, it will be interesting to see how many games he can get through over the next 2.  I’m hoping he bounces back but to be honest the Heat probably have just a great of a chance repeating as champions without Greg as they do with him.  I’m just glad to see LeBron and Greg together and please don’t bring up Delonte West’s name.

[youtube id=”gh3F1UGe7OA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Here’s a funny flashback clip from TMZ where Greg Oden says “i’m not with the Heat” when he was mistaken for LeBron.

[youtube id=”dsIO1XUzr8U” width=”600″ height=”350″]






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