Greg Oden & LeBron reject dunks attempts by Dion Waiters & Spencer Hawes

Heat Starters and former #1 picks LeBron and Greg Oden combined to score 49 points in a win over the Cavs who played without their former #1 pick Kyrie Irving.  LeBron scored 43 of those 49 but at least they combined for 5 blocks…even though LeBron had 3 of those 5.  Jokes aside, Oden did play a very productive 14 minutes with 6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals.  The best block came on a dunk attempt by Dion Waiters.

LeBron also had a nice dunk rejection on Spencer Hawes and shared a block with Udonis Haslem that pleased Coach Spoelstra.

“Probably my favorite play was the double block,” he said. “U.D. and L.J. going for that. It should be a layup. It should be a dunk. To make that play, those are the things I like to see.”




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