Gregg Popovich Made Stacey Dales NBA on TNT Debut A Scary/Funny One

Stacey Dales has a pretty impressive resume: The former OSU star and WNBA All-Star has done hosting and sideline reporting duties for college football, the NFL and the Winter Olympics. But nothing on that resume prepared her for an in-game interview with Gregg Popovich during her first day on the job.

SD: How do you assess how your team played in the first quarter?
GP: We didn't make shots.
SD: How do you establish a rhythm....blah, blah, blah?
GP: I'm sorry?
SD: How do yo establish a rhythm offensively?
GP: I don't know. You keep playing.
SD: Thanks coach.

Stacey will be doing NBA sideline duties for the next two weeks for TNT. Hopefully her next interview is a little less terrifying, but thankfully, her "first time" with Pop wasn't as terrifying as this one.