Guy Dupuy Beats Jordan Kilganon in Epic Dunk Contest

Players in this post:
John Wall Zach LaVine

Jordan Kilganon owned 2014 and early 2015 with a bunch of dunks we have never seen before and a win at the insane Ghetto Games Kings of Air contest, but Guy Dupuy has owned the Summer of 2015. He was one of the stars of the BETX/Sprite celeb game, winner of the BETX dunk contest in front of judges John Wall and Zach LaVine and winner of the City Slam dunk contest which was also judged by Zach LaVine.

This past weekend the two dunk kings of 2015 faced off in an epic dunk contest at the Hoops4Hope event and Guy continued his summer dominance with a win.

I’ve seen a few websites call the event “the best of the year” and even “ever” which is pretty silly to say if you weren’t there to see the misses and/or feel the energy of the live event.  If you are making that judgement based off of just the quality of the made dunks in an edited video then cool, but just saying, when it comes to dunk contests and mixes, how you feel at the end of watching a video online is often very different than how you would feel watching the entire event offline.

With that said, congrats to Guy Dupuy (again!) the best dunks were great and serves as a great teaser and possible rematch during our Eastbay Dunk Contest in October.