Guy Dupuy self bounce between the legs dunk during a game at the VBL

Players in this post:
Ricky Davis


Guy Dupuy is known to some as Easy J and Easy J has been making difficult dunks look like easy ones all Summer.

Earlier this month, the best dunker ever from France won $10k at the And1 Remix dunk contest in New York, back in July he won the Germany Reality Check contest against Justin Darlington and this past weekend he was at Venice Beach to play in the VBL Championship game.  Granted there wasn’t a lot of defense in the VBL contest but Guy threw down a dunk in the middle of the game that I’ve never seen anybody ever try in a game – a self oop between the legs dunk.  Not even Ricky Davis would attempt that dunk in a game…speaking of Uncle Ricky, guess who is trying to get back in the league?


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