Happy 29th Birthday LeBron! 5 gifts for the man with everything

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LeBron James

What do you buy a 29 year old that’s the best basketball player in the world with 2 championship rings, 4 MVP awards, 2 All-Star game MVP awards, 3 Olympic medals and countless other awards from ESPYs to 6 BET Sportsman of the Year awards?

With a net worth of over $130 million, I don’t think cash in an envelope or any gift certificates will put a smile on his face.  He’s married to a beautiful women and has 2 awesome kids that are future dunk champions (unlike somebody wont mention by name).

So here’s a couple of gift ideas for the King,  who by the way is my 5 year old’s favorite player because he was cool and gracious enough to sign a birthday card for her earlier this year.


  1. Go to http://www.lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org/ and donate or support any of the causes from the “Boys and Girls Club” to his “I Promise Network” to “Wheels for Education.”
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle by dropping fast food and stopping by his wife’s Juice Bar in Miami called The Juice Spot
  3. Tweet him your favorite scenes from the TV show Martin (his favorite show)
  4. Send him this T-shirt of Kelly Kapowski (his childhood crush)
  5. If you have major pull then a spot on the Cleveland Browns or the leading role in Space Jam 2

and if you make him a cake, make sure it looks better than this one.


like this…


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