Happy Holidays From JR Rider | Full 94 Dunk Contest

Never mind every negative thing  you know about JR Rider.

Today he is doing just fine with his beautiful family.
Yesterday, in 1994, he was doing just fine as an exciting rookie for the TWolves that was about to shock the world (and give the Jim Kelly of the dunk contest another loss) with his East Bay Funk Dunk.

So happy holidays from JR Rider. Enjoy the full 1994 Dunk Contest.

Some comments about the dunk contest

  • Who invited Allan Houston & is the bounce off the head the wackest dunk you have ever seen
  • Robert Pack is one of the most underrated dunkers of all-time
  • Rider was not the first do the between the legs dunk but he was the first to do it with power and flair.  Orlando Woolridge did it back in the 80s and Rider also did the dunk in the NCAA dunk contest.
  • Payton is always obnoxious as Barkley is funny


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