Stephen Curry remixes James Harden’s ‘Harden Soul’ song

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There’s a lot of arguments about who in hip hop is the king of the remix or who started it.  Most, including Diddy, like to credit Diddy while more hardcore hip hop heads will bring up Pete Rock who was remixing Public Enemy before Diddy made his “rapping” debut on the remix of Dolly My Baby.  I always bring up KRS-One who had one of the best hip hop remixes ever with Steady B’s 1998 hit ‘Serious.’  

Today I’m crowning the king of the remix (or course I’m not serious) to the king of 3 pointers – Stephen Curry.  Steph had a “party for everyone except James Harden” by remixing his ‘Harden Soul’ song and the results are….just AWFUL.  Funny but really really awful.

Almost as awful as Diddy’s verse in this rap song.  To make it even worse, Diddy was followed up by one of the most underrated verses by Biggie.

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Ballislife | "Harden Soul" Curry Remix
Ballislife | “Harden Soul” Curry Remix

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Ballislife | "Harden Soul" Curry Remix
“Harden Soul” Curry Remix Party Invite

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