Harrison Barnes Posterizes Mozgov & LeBron James

After Mozgov’s career game in GM4, many people were asking who is that guy and is he the same guy that was “Mozgoved” by Blake Griffin a few years ago. For those who were disappointed by that exceptional performance and miss just seeing him getting dunked on then you can sleep well tonight knowing he went scoreless with 0 rebounds and got “Mozgoved” in GM5.

You can also thank Harrison Barnes for the dunk and LeBron haters should also send thank you cards to Barnes for getting a rare dunk on “the best player in the world” too. Seriously, he got an and1 dunk on James but the NBA probably wont want to bring that up in too many highlight recaps.



If you want to see every, yes every, dunk by Barnes during the 2014/15 season then you can send thank you cards to “Down To Buck” for this.

But none of those 66 dunks or his 2 dunks from last night comes close to his RIP worthy dunk on Pekovic back in 2012.