Atlanta Hawks release video of cheerleaders dancing on the beach hoping to finally get some views

The Hawks are trying. I don’t mean the Atlanta Hawks team but the Hawks YouTube channel.  They have been  putting out a ton of videos and it’s almost sad how little views most of them get.

  • Road trip with Mike Muscala – 63 views in 3 days
  • Legend Bob Petit talking about legend Lenny Wilkens – 66 views in 2 weeks
  • Hawks trying to spell “schnitzel” – 466 views in 2 weeks
  • Interview with Elton Brand – 26 views in 3 weeks
  • Paul Milsap at All-Star weekend – 21 views in 3 weeks

Not even a Hawks tribute to Zaza Pachulia could break 1k but it’s only 16 views a way so hopefully THIS LINK will get them to a 1k.

Their latest video showing the Hawks cheerleaders dancing on the beach set to Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” isn’t going to go viral but hopefully it gets more views than their typical interview with Kyle Korver.


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