Hawks trade Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams | Dwight Howard a Hawk?

Unlike how he started his playing career in the NBA, New Hawks GM Danny Ferry isn’t wasting any time making an impact on his team.  In an attempt to free up space to make a run at bringing Dwight Howard back home to Atlanta to join his friend Josh Smith, he traded Joe Johnson and his insane contract to the Nets (where Dwight wanted to go to the most) for a bunch of  guys who probably didn’t even know were playing for the Hawks and then traded former #2 pick Marvin Williams to the Jazz for Devin Harris.  The Hawks also have some good young talent in Al Horford and Jeff Teague to trade to Orlando.

The JJ trade was his 89 million dollar contract over the next 4 years to the Nets for Jordan Farmer, Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, DeShawn Stevenson and Jordan Williams.   When this story initially broke it sounded like so did the chances of NJ landing the big cry baby but NJ still is in the running along side the Hawks.  The Warriors and Rockets are supposedly still trying to join the party eventhough Dwight said he would not resign with them after 1 year.

Back to the Marvin Williams trade. Why is it that the former Tarheel rarely gets mentioned in big busts arguments.  Granted he’s been “productive” his whole career since the 2005 draft but as a former #2 pick that was drafted right before Deron Williams and Chris Paul and without atleast one allstar jersey in his closet, he deserves to be mentioned a little more.


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