He Can Dunk PT1: Steve Novak with 3 dunks

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Steve Novak

There's a video on YouTube called "Steve Novak Dunks (My Life is Complete)" by ThtGuyInUrClass. The video doesn't actually show the 6'10" Steve Novak dunking in real life...just Steve Novak dunking in a video game. Anybody that is willing to post a video from a video game of a player dunking and saying that it completes their life must either have everything in life they could ever wish for or the odds of that player dunking is as high as the guy that made that video.

Contrary to what this guy and the majority of the world believes, the sharpshooting Novak can dunk and has dunked plenty of times -- just not in a game. Here are 3 samples of proof.

1: Novak dunking to end practice for the Knicks in 2013. I know it's a far and bad angle but I'm 99.9% sure that pale looking Vince Carter is Novak.

2: Weeks later, Novak caught a missed shot and threw it down with 1 hand that lead to his Knicks teammates to celebrate and according to the video cause a nuclear explosion.

3: This one might actually cause your head to explode. Here's some digging in the vault video of Novak back in college at Midnight Madness showing off his "mad hops"


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